Clap for Carers is a slap in the face to front line NHS staff | Zac Arnold

Whilst nobody deserves to receive abuse for something like this, Clap for Carers was always a slap in the face to front line NHS staff.

Staff that have watched the same people that stand clapping and banging pots, soaked in their own self righteousness, go and vote for Governments election after election that deliver real terms pay cut after pay cut.

Instead of standing on your doorstep doing something of no use to society, instead why not try looking at how your actions contribute to the crippled society we now live in.

Save your claps and use your votes, or just stay inside and be quiet.

Coronavirus has made the need for two hospitals clearer | Zac Arnold

Coming on four years from the creation of HOLD – Hands Off Lydney and Dilke hospitals, NHS bosses in Gloucestershire are still determined to close Lydney and District Hospital and the Dilke Memorial Hospital. They do this to replace them with one new, single, smaller facility in Cinderford.

This pandemic should have made things even clearer, any further reductions in beds, services or health care facilities is a risk to the public. Any further reductions are working against the very idea that the NHS was born to achieve.

As we get closer to the final decision, when HOLD will finally be able to trigger legal action against the trusts, it is more important than ever to unite behind our vital services. These closures will impact the whole of Gloucestershire.

Together it has been achieved before and together it will be achieved again. We need at least two community hospitals in the Forest of Dean.

We can all help in some way, even if it’s just signing this petition and sharing with a friend. Let Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust know that they cannot carry on ignoring the majority.