Heading for Extinction and what to do about it: a free talk | Zac Arnold

‘Our climate is at crisis point and we must act now. We see the
climate changing rapidly. We see the extinction of over 200 species a
day. We face huge threats to our lives and the lives of our children
and our grandchildren. But what can we do about it?

‘Extinction Rebellion Forest of Dean is the organisation coordinating
non-violent direct actions and education around the challenges we
face in protecting our environment and are excited to invite the
public to a free talk entitled “Heading for Extinction and What we can
do about it.”

‘The talk will take place at Yorkley Community Centre from 7pm on
Sunday 13th January and is free of charge. It is vital that as many
people know about the environmental catastrophe that we face and
how we can work to pressure those that have the power to prevent
imminent disaster.

‘A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Forest of Dean said:
“Attendance at this talk is a must. The situation that we are in is an
incredibly serious one and only people who understand the
problems can work to ensure the solutions come to fruition. We
don’t have long left to change the course of the planet and save our
planet, our species and all others from extinction.’