Batley should not be a signal of a strong leadership for Keir Starmer | Zac Arnold

If a swing of 3% from Labour is considered a win I’m concerned about how secure Keir Starmer is going to feel after this result.

If the same trend fell across the country in a General Election, Labour would have lost 11 seats – dropping even further below the worst result since 1935 in December 2019.George Galloway has been shown to be the same opportunistic wanker he has been for some time, over-assessing his abilities and under-assessing his reputation as a waste of fresh air.

I did kind of want him to come second though, whatever Kim is like as an individual candidate, Starmer needed to go. His inability to take a relevant position on anything, his entirely accurate rebrand to Captain Hindsight, his lies around his 10 pledges making his mandate meaningless to begin with and a local candidate that openly admits that her policies will be decided after the election.

That’s without even talking about the spin and racism being orchestrated by senior officials, briefing to the media that the reason Muslim voters have had enough of being taken for granted is because they are homophobic and antisemitic.

None of these are qualities we want in the leader of a peoples’ party. None of them are qualities that will win or achieve what needs to be achieved.

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