Vote for a future where the people of Lydney are put first on May 6 | Zac Arnold

The past decade has been tough for the Lydney community, and residents had been shut out by a closed shop that didn’t listen to you and did not deal in transparency.

At this election, you can make a choice to go back to the way things were by re-electing members of the last administration, or you can continue on the path to being a real, healthy, democratic community and Lydney could rise from the ashes.

This can only happen with fresh ideas, new approaches and real representatives that care deeply about not just the symbolism of their town, it’s history and it’s gold quality award but the present conditions and the bright future of the community in the real world.

I know which decision I would make, I know which future I would want. One that puts every person in Lydney first and rethinks what it is possible for local communities to achieve, because the limits of your most grassroots level of local governance are not always as restrictive as people like to believe.

On May 6 you can make a choice to go back to your money being wasted, your views being unrepresented and your rights not being respected… or you can take the other path. I know who I would trust to continue the process of changing Lydney for all. In favour of people and planet, not profit and power.

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