The moral turmoil of the Deputy Mayor cannot be a distraction from the real issue | Zac Arnold

It doesn’t matter whether we are scared, human rights cannot be allowed to be trampled over by people in positions of authority who feel like they can do as they please.

Too many times now, the leadership of the Mayor of Lydney has seemed, although good intentioned, often autocratic. The way in which this issue was approached and the comments made by Walter Leach and Richard Kemsley was a flimsily executed swing at our internationally recognised human rights and our democratic process, with not so much as a vote being cast.

There is no place for abuse of human rights in any of our ‘democratic’ organisations, and the internal ‘moral’ turmoil of the former Deputy Mayor cannot be allowed to be used as a scapegoat to distract from the fact that those that feel they can abuse our rights and their power, are still in their seats.

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