BLM: Black Lives Matter

“WE ARE ANTI-RACIST – We are you the Black and Brown citizens with a long black history of discrimination and have had enough, we are you the black man who receives harsher sentences and disproportionately incarcerated compared to white counterparts, and we are you the youth who is targeted by the police. stopped, searched, handcuffed simply for being black innocent without any other suspicion, we are you the young black girl who is overlooked, all but invisible, we are you the black women who is seen as loud and or aggressive just for being you, we are you the black child, the black student who is disproportionately excluded from school, we are you at the end of racist abuse, we are you who has suffered racial discrimination all your life, we are you the white British citizen, man women and child who believe black lives matter, we are YOU who will no longer remain silent or be silenced. We are you and you are us, we are anti-racist!

“We are you who wants justice for black people and who wants to eradicate racism from Britain forever. We are you.”

Zac resigned from Lydney Town Council strategically to help defend the right of BLM to protest in the town in June 2020, a right that was threatened by the Mayor of Lydney (Cllr Walter Leach) and the Chairman of Bathurst Park and Recreation Trust (Cllr Richard Kemsley)

Get involved with BLM UK

Contact BLM UK to find out more here: Contact Us | BLACKLIVESMATTER.UK

Learn more about the Local Equality Commission, the group set up by BLM Lydney’s organisers after the protest, and how to get involved here: Local Equality Commission

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