Rooftop Housing Group, you are the master of your own destiny | Cllr Zac Arnold

This morning, I met with the Assistant Team Leader of Rooftop Housing Group’s Young Peoples’ Service in relation to a series of ongoing and unresolved issues that cause concern at the company’s supported accommodation project on Albert Street
in Lydney.

Concerns about services:

✓ Increased anti-social behaviour and criminal damage to property;
✓ A failure to act on repeated physical assaults and threats to life;
✓ A failure to comply properly with fire and electrical safety regulations;
✓ A failure to prevent and act on safeguarding concerns including suicide
✓ A failure to maintain safe accommodation; and
✓ A failure to act upon the use of their premises for illegal activity and
dispose of dangerous and stolen goods.

These concerns are extremely serious and I have been working closely with
members of Senior Management of Rooftop Housing Group, other organisations and all levels of local government to bring a swift and effective resolution to the problems at Lydney Gateway. It is our combined aim to ensure that vulnerable young people are provided the services they need to move effectively from reliance to independence.

Both the facilities and the services provided by Rooftop Housing Group, the
Guinness Partnership and Guard Group Nationwide are unsafe and, over a number of weeks and months, put the lives of the young people under their care at repeated risk.

Whilst we are working with Rooftop to bring a resolution to the issues, their internal investigations have provided nothing but conflicts of interest and interference. Therefore, we have no faith in their processes and believe that an independent, transparent and publicly accountable review of Rooftop’s fitness for their contract should be established.

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