Why I am resigning from the Labour Party and becoming an Independent | Cllr Zac Arnold

It is with the deepest of regret that I am writing this letter to you this morning, however I have come to the conclusion over an extended period of time that this is both the right and the necessary thing to do. Please accept this letter as formal notification of my resignation, with immediate effect, from the Labour Party including of the Labour Whip on Lydney Town Council.

The ordinary people of our communities have been attacked for decades under neoliberal political, social and economic systems that has remained unchallenged for far too long. This system must now be challenged and the result of yesterday’s General Election has only proven to confirm that the institution that is the Labour Party is fundamentally unable to meet the challenges that we must face in enacting the change necessary to truly create communities, a country and a world that works for all.

This election has summed up the structural and political issues within the Labour Party that so many of us have been warning against for years. The willingness of the party establishment to discard the result of the 2016 Brexit Referendum shows a complete assault on democracy and this has been reflected in the dramatic loss of support in some of the most working-class constituencies in the country. The consequences of betraying democracy in favour of the views of the London bubble have resulted in the
party letting down those that relied on it most when they needed it most.

Those who need us most, who will suffer as a result of not having access to free at the point of use healthcare, those on Universal Credit where 5 more years of Tory rule could easily be a matter of life or death. Those most vulnerable people in our society need this change, not in 5 years’ time, but now. It is clear that the only way forward is not through a party that has been built to protect the status quo as part of a flawed and rigged system, we need a democratic revolution where instead of factions being united against factions, our communities as a whole come together in unity to take on our shared enemy.

Community organisation to create a real people-powered movement that discards the defunct systems of the past is the only way forward, this cannot be achieved from within the system but by the total rejection of it by every local community at the most grassroots level. To paraphrase Chris Williamson, a thoroughly decent and loyal antiracist campaigner who was chucked under the bus in an attempt to appease the established classes, the Labour Party needed to grow a backbone now more than ever
and it hasn’t.

This will take time but I, as have many, have come to the conclusion that this in the only way to build a system, a country and a world that works for the many, not the few. We are Lydney, we are the UK and we are really taking back control.

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