The Lydney cycle-way improvements are risking lives and property | Cllr Zac Arnold

“The recent roadworks being completed across Lydney as part of the cycle way improvement scheme is a welcome consideration by HM Government and Gloucestershire County Council in attempting to increase the number of both residents and tourists cycling around our market town.

Whilst the thought process behind this scheme shows a halfhearted and asphalt friendly approach to tackling the climate emergency, I am sure I echo the sentiments of many infuriated severnsiders wrangling with the congestion and meteoric craters in what were once our roads and

The works being carried out have already caused major congestion problems, not only through the main flow of traffic through Newerne Street but also on Hams Road. The problems have been severe enough to result in several road traffic collisions including involving buses.

Yet, these works are set to continue with the closure and disruption of the majority of the core transportation arteries of Lydney being affected, our children’s journeys to school are being made less safe, our small businesses are suffering and emergency services are finding it
increasingly difficult to access life threatening situations. These works are literally putting lives at risk.

Then, once we all believe the pain and suffering is over, the contractors will be back to surface the mess they’ve left behind, bearing in mind it is winter and the science behind that would suggest that the slight freezing of the exposed lower surfacing before complete will soon leave us some glorious paddling pools for the summer months.

Instead, if it wasn’t for the inability of our self-proclaimed County Planning and Infrastructure Champion Cllr Alan Preest to show vision and an ability to plan for the future, we could stop the spaffing of one million pounds worth of hard-earned money up the street and invest in real, positive infrastructure that connects Lydney for all in a meaningful way.

Together, we can achieve much better. Our disconnected new communities need to be connected with real, meaningful links by foot, cycle, road and public transport. We need to embrace our local environment and intertwine ourselves with it by finally completing the Parkend to Lydney Multi-Use Track and we need to launch a system of green super highways, bringing people together, offering real alternatives to the car and saving our planet. We need real unapologetically radical change, and we need it now.”

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