Lydney Town Council need a full and independent public inquiry | Cllr Zac Arnold

I am pleased that the Independent Complaints Process that investigates Code of Conduct complaints regarding members has found that there is no case to answer regarding a malicious complaint lodged by the former Mayor of Lydney against myself. I would like to unequivocally deny allegations that I have conducted any campaign of harassment against any employee, former employee or elected member of Lydney Town Council and am pleased that this has been confirmed by this decision notice.

Naturally I cannot comment on matters relating to employment and personnel however, with regards to elected members, I can say that when the people of Lydney East put their faith in me to represent them in May’s Town Council elections I promised a “shake-up” at Lydney Town Council and naturally this could only have been possible with the ruffling of some feathers along the way that did not wish to be ruffled. The desperate grasping at straws by former Mayors and Councillors, who resigned amid severe alleged wrongdoing, hardly comes as a surprise.

It is time that Lydney was allowed to put the problems of the past few months behind us, but in my view, this can only happen with a full and independent public enquiry covering the events of the last few weeks, months and years in order to fully resolve these issues so that they cannot arise again. Lydney has the opportunity to rise from the ashes and form a true people-powered democracy with community engagement at it’s core and a reinvigorated, unapologetically radical vision for rebuilding the gateway to the Forest of Dean. The council is already looking forward to a brighter future for Lydney with strong ambitions on tackling the climate emergency, a heightened focus on community engagement and participation and a strong team of dedicated people facilitated by a brilliant new balanced Mayor in fighting for the best possible deal for Lydney.

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