Statement regarding the resignation of the Mayor of Lydney | Cllr Zac Arnold

Unfortunately, last week, the Mayor of Lydney made the decision to resign from Lydney Town Council. This morning, in the local press, the former Mayor made comments that in my opinion must be addressed.

In May, I was elected to Lydney Town Council with a mandate to create the real change necessary to undo the damage caused by the appalling actions of the previous administration and administrations before that, which included Brian Pearman. I am motivated by this task and there is no element of truth behind his conspiratorial assertions that we are trying to ‘ruin it.’ We are not trying to ruin Lydney or the council, we are trying desperately to save it before it is too late.

Brian says in his comments that he has ‘tried’ to resolve the current issue within the administration. I would refute this falsehood in the strongest of terms. He has merely attempted to keep the status quo against elected members and an electorate that have had enough. For too long this council has served the few, not the many.

At the recent Extraordinary Full Council meeting I raised a Point of Order expressing my concern as to the lack of impartiality during a report on an incident which was being given by one of those involved in said incident. Similarly, I raised a separate concern regarding a previous event and was told by Brian that I was lying despite the former administration and its officers admitting the fact at the time. The day before Brian resigned, I submitted a complaint regarding this.

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