Lydney’s challenging issues set to be tackled | Cllr Zac Arnold & Cllr Brian Pearman

‘On Monday 8 July 2019, Lydney Town Council laid the foundations to tackle two of the most serious and challenging immediate problems that Lydney faces. These being the lack of provision of services for young people aged up to 25 and the ever-increasing risk of imminent climate catastrophe across the globe.

‘At its Full Council meeting, members unanimously declared a climate emergency and have immediately set to work with a “think global act local” attitude to the issue. However, words will not solve this crisis. Real action is necessary and a new working group is to be established to scrutinise every aspect of council policy, develop new proposals to tackle climate issues in our town and hold other stakeholders to account to ensure that we develop a strong, united force against climate change throughout Gloucestershire.

‘Similarly, a new working group is to be established in order to investigate new and innovative approaches to delivering youth services. This new group is hoped to form part of a wide-reaching and collaborative network across the district, and further afield, with an aim to ensuring a wide range of services to meet the needs of all young people up to 25 years. Both groups aim to involve a wide variety of stakeholders and organisations including local community groups, other levels of local government, schools, housing associations and other organisations and individuals in order to build a collaborative approach that results in real, cross-authority action that produces successful outcomes.

‘These issues will not miraculously come to a conclusion overnight, but we are committed to thinking outside of the box and working with all elements of the community to deliver the best for Lydney.

Cllr Zac Arnold (LTC Youth/Education Liaison) who proposed both motions and is leading the new groups said: “The climate emergency and the crisis in youth services are two issues that must be at the heart of our combined mission to deliver the best for the people of Lydney. I’d like to thank members who supported both resolutions unanimously and look forward to working together on these important issues.”

Cllr Brian Pearman (Mayor of Lydney) said: “Both of these issues can only be addressed successfully by working collaboratively with partners both locally and in the wider arena. There is a wealth of talent, knowledge and experience within our communities which we need to tap into. We may have different views on some subjects, but if we concentrate on working together where we have common ground much can be achieved. Exciting times ahead.”’

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