No hesitation in working to fulfil our promises to voters | Cllr Zac Arnold

Since my election in last month’s local elections, myself and our Labour Group have been working on radical and innovative proposals to rebuild Lydney into the thriving market town and gateway to the Forest of Dean that it once was. Lydney needs action to follow up on our words in order to ride the wave of 21st Century innovation and to tackle the biggest issues of the day at a local level.

We are proposing rapid action on three of the biggest issues Lydney is facing: Transparency and Democracy, the Climate Emergency and Youth Services. This evening’s full council meeting (10th June 2019) proved that we are not hesitating in tackling these issues and the Town Council faces a packed agenda in July as Labour tables motions on these issues.

This evening, during a discussion on the filming of council meetings I proposed, in a unanimous vote, that officers seek quotes for audio visual recording equipment in order to progress towards the livestreaming of all council and committee meetings. This is a move already taken by Forest
of Dean District Council, Gloucestershire County Council and Cinderford Town Council. This is a vital step in improving transparency and ensuring that the public can hold their representatives to account. Similarly, I have tabled a motion which will be heard at the September meeting of Full
Council to amend standing orders so that all votes are “recorded votes” meaning that the minutes will show which councillors voted for what. Another vital step in the right direction.

I also proposed that the council initiates a working group to investigate a series of Youth Services proposals, this will be further discussed and decision will be made at July’s meeting.

Finally, I have tabled a motion for discussion in July that Lydney Town Council declares a climate emergency, a long overdue move, and initiates a further working group to discuss and develop proposals around how we will tackle climate change at the grass roots. Cllr Louis Arnold also
raised again the possibility of investing in renewable energy to help tackle the climate emergency but also to develop a community investment fund which could potentially be used to provide grants to start-up businesses to assist Lydney’s economy to thrive.

These are serious issues that require serious and immediate action. Action that Labour are working tirelessly to deliver as part of our plan to rebuild Lydney so it works for the many, not just the privileged few.

Cllr Zac Arnold (Lab, Lydney East) said: “during the local elections we promised radical and innovative change, these are promises that we are determined to deliver and we are setting the ball in motion to introduce our policies for real change. Transparency, climate change and youth
services are three issues at the heart of our town’s struggle, and the country’s struggle, and from the bottom up we are developing people-powered proposals in consultation with residents to make Lydney Town Council a representative and approachable body that doesn’t shy away from the challenges that we face.”

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