Thank you for lending me your vote for Lydney Town Council | Zac Arnold

“I am humbled by the level of support the voters of Lydney East gave me in the local elections, unfortunately we didn’t quite manage to grasp hold of a district council seat but we are making real progress and I think that is because Labour are the only party offering real change both nationally and locally in Lydney. Labour are also the only major political party in the Forest of Dean that is listening to the views of the public. On issues such as the closure of our hospitals, car parking charges and the obliteration of our youth services, Labour has been listening and campaigning on the issues that affect us the most on a day to day basis.

“In Lydney in particular, we have had some severe issues locally in recent years and Labour are offering an alternative, a strong opposition, to the status quo. Naturally, our new group on the council is going to be pushing for much change within the council as well as outside of it, because the people of Lydney have had enough. But we take our responsibilities seriously and we are looking forward to meeting, discussing and working with our fellow councillors of all and no party allegiance. It’s time that we began working together, bringing our communities back together, in the interests of rebuilding Lydney into a true gateway to the Forest.

“As for the district council elections in four years time. Your guess is as good as mine. I have no inclination to become a career politician. I stood for these elections because I truly felt that these particular circumstances needed to change, so if there is something that I feel strongly about at the time, yes I probably would. A lot can change in four years though and there will be a lot that happens in them, so other paths may reveal themselves.”

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