Who is Zac and what are his commitments in today’s Town Council elections? | Zac Arnold

Zac has lived in Lydney his whole life and is a member of the core group of the campaign to protect our hospitals and has been standing up for Lydney on issues such as youth provision and council spending.

Standing up for Lydney.

Labour’s team are ready to rebuild Lydney. Between them, our team of candidates have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of areas. Lydney is in desperate need of real change. We are stuck on a road to nowhere and only Labour has the vision and the experiences necessary to rebuild Lydney so it works for the many.

Our candidates have lived in Lydney for decades and know the problems that we all face. Steve has experience in traffic planning and transport.
Louis and Anne have experience in Youth Services. Roger has experience of the Waterways and has been a brilliant advocate for Lydney as a
town councillor since 2017, and Zac has experience of a broken education system.

With a team of dedicated Labour councillors that are determined to put Lydney first, we can bring our communities back together because ”we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us” (Jo Cox MP.) Labour are putting forward a vision for radical change at all levels of government and this starts now.

We will fight to defend our community hospitals to ensure our clinical needs are met. We will bring our high street into the 21st century by introducing free Cloud WiFi in our town centre. We will preserve and treasure our history, our traditions and our culture. We will rebuild Lydney so that it works for the many, not just the privileged few.

But, most importantly, we will bring you along with us. For too long the people of Lydney have been shut out. If you put your faith in our team, we will work to transform Lydney Town Council into an approachable, representative and accountable body that works in your interests and listens to your concerns… because that is what democracy is truly about.

Our High Streets and Facilities.

We will create a thriving community hub in our town centre and do all we can to make Lydney high street a great place to shop and do business.

As your councillors, we will encourage small independent businesses and
traders to provide a range of goods and services locally. We will lobby for free car parking throughout the Forest and we will work to introduce free WiFi in our town centre.

Our Young People.

We will fight for more appropriate provision to be allocated to our young people, with an increase in funding where possible to make this accessible. We fully support the Forest Voluntary Action Forum’s initiative and will contribute wherever possible to this project.

Our Health.

Labour will fight for our NHS to maintain and enhance the services they offer with adequate bed provision and a birthing unit.

We will continue to support and campaign for the provision of two
community hospitals in the Forest of Dean to meet clinical need. We will also lobby for a midwife led birthing facility in the Forest of Dean to ensure continued access to traditional Forest rights.

Our Environment.

Fight to defend our climate from imminent catastrophe and pledge to protect the public forest estate from privatisation and fracking.

Anti-Social Behaviour.

We will look into new ways of tackling anti-social behaviour in Lydney to try
to deal with the gap left by cuts in community policing by the Government.

Planning Policy.

We will lobby Forest of Dean District Council to ensure that service money
from new developments is put back into Lydney and to ensure new estates are planned logically and taking resident views into account.

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