Who is Zac and what are his commitments in today’s District Council elections? | Zac Arnold

Zac has lived in Lydney his whole life and is a member of the
core group of the campaign to protect our hospitals and has
been standing up for Lydney on issues such as youth
provision and council spending.

Our Environment.

Fight to defend our climate from imminent catastrophe and pledge to protect the public forest estate from privatisation and fracking.

Our High Streets.

We will create thriving community hubs in our town centres and investigate the viability of a small business loyalty card scheme.

Our Health.

Labour will fight for our NHS to maintain and enhance the services currently offered with adequate bed provision provided.

Your Labour Candidates support the retention of two community hospitals
in the Forest of Dean and will continue to fight for this. Lydney and Tidenham Labour Party contributed the second largest lump sum donation to a potential legal challenge to defend our health services.

Our Culture.

Labour will defend the rights and traditions of Foresters. We will work to protect freemining and communing for future generations.

Our Housing.

Labour is the party of decent, affordable housing for all. We will look into setting up a council-run housing company.

Our Young People.

Labour will fight to defend the limited youth services we have and will look at fresh new approaches to plug the gaps left by the Tories at Gloucestershire County Council. Labour supports the Youth Association initiative being led by the Forest Voluntary Action Forum and will work to provide funding and support for this and other projects.

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