Letter to the CEO of Lydney Town Council regarding continued personal data disclosure | Zac Arnold

In a letter to Ms Jayne Smailes, CEO of Lydney Town Council, Zac said:

I am appalled by the decision taken by Lydney Town Council to re-publish the press pack previously published on Thursday 21 February 2019. You have at least made the effort to remove the personal email addresses of some individuals, however some are still visible including the personal email address of Cllr Brian Pearman and the personal email address of Dr Judith Mortimore.

Confidential emails from the Labour Party and the names of various individuals including Labour Party Headquarters staff are still available in the release. Due to your complete inability to protect the personal data of individuals and therefore potentially placing them at risk, I will be filing an immediate complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office regarding this matter including my correspondence over the course of today and yesterday and related evidentiary submissions including the original press pack, current version and documents sent to me under a Subject Access Request in January detailing the email addresses of several council members without prior written permission.

You can find guidance on your obligations under information rights legislation on the ICO’s website (www.ico.org.uk) as well as information on their regulatory powers and the action they can take.

If there is anything you would like to discuss, please contact me via email to (email address)

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