Response to the resignation of Councillor Kevin Greening

In response to a letter in a local newspaper by former Councillor, Kevin Greening, post his resignation from Lydney Town Council, Zac said:

“I found the letter published in last week’s edition from the former Lydney Town councillor Kevin Greening regarding my “negative views” rather amusing to say the least. Firstly, I would like to remind Kevin that as somebody fairly new to the council, I am willing to forgive his ignorance as to my positive approach to attempting to work with the Town Council prior to him being instated on the council, not by the electorate may I add. In fact, I recall entering a brief discussion with him over a drink at the Greyhound with another Town Councillor and another member of the public just after he arrived in Lydney.

“To answer his question. Yes, I did raise the issue of B&M with Chris Williamson MP during his visit to Lydney amongst many other things both locally in Derby and in the Forest of Dean. He would have been quite welcome to attend the meeting as, unlike the council, we are a welcoming space for discussion, constructive criticism and debate for members of the public.

“With regards to the events at the January full council meeting, let me just “correct a few inaccuracies” – at no point did I undertake a negative rant, if you dismiss all questions and constructive criticism from those you are supposed to represent as a “negative rant” I question why you are allowed anywhere near a public position of authority. Simultaneously , maybe if I wasn’t persistently shouted down during the period when I was entitled to ask questions I may have been able to finish and they may not have appeared so negative. As for the point regarding my questions not being relevant to agenda items, I struggle to understand how asking a question regarding a statement given to the press by the Mayor does not fit under “Press Releases and Statements” on the agenda but I suppose that’s subjective as to whether or not you want the person to ask the question.

“Finally, I refer you to Cllr Richard Leppington’s comments, in an article also published in last week’s edition. Anyone who pays the slightest bit of attention to local politics, as you should, would realise that me and Richard have hardly been the best of friends in the past, however I admire his integrity to come out and give an impartial account of events and shed some light on the reality of the situation, and if I was truly so scary, abusive and intimidating, why did only 2 councillors present vote to have me barred from future meetings? Why was I not charged? Also, please do not refer to me as “this young man” as if my age makes my views any less important than the propaganda that you spout.”

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