Lydney Town Council supply Labour Party HQ with additional information regarding their complaint | Carol Wheeler

In response to a request for more information from Tim Dexter, Complaints Officer for the National Labour Party at Southside, Carol Wheeler wrote to him as Lydney Town Council’s Executive Officer saying:

“Mr Arnold openly publicises the fact the he is a Labour activist, the news article relating to this recent incident and indeed Mr Arnold’s own FB page promotes his status as CLP Campaign coordinator for The Labour Party.

“As Mr Arnold has in the past been publicly vocal in his views concerning the closures of local hospitals in both Lydney and Cinderford, he is therefore well known to many people; likewise when he attended a previous Lydney Recreation Trust Meeting at the Council Chambers he later placed a Press Statement on his FB page with the banner saying he was Youth Officer FOD Labour Party.

“At Monday’s meeting Mr Arnold, in line with Standing Orders (the Council’s Meeting protocol) was asked to state his name and address; as well as being known to all present, he gave the same home address as shown on his banner. Furthermore during/following the incident he has continued to post to his FB page which associates him with the Labour Party and the news article attached also advises of the fact that he intends to cause further disruption.”

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