No money for a Youth Worker but £491.39 for a flag | Zac Arnold

On Monday evening I attended the Lydney Town Council meeting and note with great concern that decision by the council to purchase a flag with the town council crest to fly outside the council chamber at a cost of £491.39.

In a time of continued austerity, where out high street is on the brink of collapse and youth services continue to be cut – the decision by the council to purchase this flag goes to reinforce my previous comments that this council is nothing but self-serving and out of touch.

However, I would like to note the presence of common sense in Cllrs Roger Holmes, Claire Vaughan, Tess Tremlett and Harry Ives who had the decency and sense to vote against this colossal waste of tax payer money.

The proposal was put forward by the Cllr Bob Berryman, Mayor of Lydney, and those who spoke for the proposal showed they had the emotional range of a rusted teaspoon when it comes to recognising the day to day struggles of working people.

 I also note how this comes just a month after the Mayor refused to contribute funds to the district-wide youth services initiative being developed by ALL OTHER parish and town councils alongside the Forest Voluntary Action Forum.

The sooner these councillors are removed from office, the better.

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