Launch of HOLD #PetitionStorm gets 450 signatures and 9 in 10 people backing two hospitals | Zac Arnold

“Thanks to everyone who helped with our #PetitionStorm today in Cinderford. We estimate between us all going door to door, outside the Co-op and in the street, we got approximately 450 signatures (exact figure to be confirmed), 9 out of 10 people were eager to sign and many expressed how much they were against the closures and had many reasons how it would adversely affect them. Just a handful of people (perhaps less than 10) said they were FOR the proposal, and no one said they had already been canvassed by their local councillor.

In Cinderford East ward, where we went door to door, it is clear our cause has the mandate from an overwhelming majority of people. We are planning more #PetitionStorms in other towns/ villages and also mass demonstrations, as we are now assured the people have not and will not be conned and want to stop the closure of our two hospitals. They belong to us and we have the tenacity here in the Forest, proven time and time again, that we will not allow our hospitals to be robbed from us by anyone!

Onwards and upwards. Join in if you can! Feeling very positive about the massive support we have in Cinderford.”

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