HOLD: Hands Off Lydney and Dilke Hospitals

“Campaigning to retain at least two community hospitals in the Forest of Dean, against the sell-off and closure of the Dilke and Lydney hospital sites and demanding investment, not a single, smaller, new hospital.”

The HOLD (Hands Off Lydney and Dilke hospitals) Campaign is a community campaign using direct action to retain the two Community Hospitals that currently operate in the Forest of Dean.

In December 2017, a public consultation into the future of community hospitals in the Forest of Dean drew to a close after a 12 week period of consultation with members of the public and key shareholders. This consultation proposed that the public accept the NHS’ “preferred option” of closing the Forest of Dean’s two community hospitals, the Dilke Memorial in Cinderford and Lydney and District in Lydney, and replace them with one single, smaller, new hospital.

HOLD was ignited during this period to fight these proposed closures of well-loved and needed public health services. The campaign is organised with a “core group” structure consisting of members from a wide range of backgrounds and political viewpoints and each fulfilling a key role in the running of the campaign which currently does not have funds due to the direct, face-to-face style campaigning that we take on.

Zac was a member of the Core Group of the HOLD Campaign from November 2017 throughout 2018 and took on a leading role in the development and management of the campaigns brand, crowdfunding efforts, social media and email content activity, protest organisation and press relations.

Get involved with HOLD

Like HOLD on Facebook and message them to get involved: HOLD – Hands Off Lydney and Dilke hospitals – | Facebook

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